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The Next Gen

Shopping Experience

The Live 3D AR Experience alleviates the common challenge of online shoppers making poor purchasing decisions due to inaccurate product perception.

This web-based technology empowers customers to virtually try on 3D products in live environment, eliminating guesswork and ensuring informed choices.

Preview the complete experience of our 3D immersive product line

The 3D virtual try-on technology has been a great relief for our online customers, allowing them to try products at home or in their offices, offering a convenient "try before you buy" experience and propelling us forward.

AbsarBusiness Manager, Nayyer Ind

3D virtual try-on for eyewear is a game-changer for our online customers, offering a solution to decision-making and letting them try our distinctive eyewear collection before buying. This innovation is truly transformative for our industry.

HassanDirector at Gulzari Optics

As the owner of a prominent online carpet store, I've received inquiries from customers about live try-ons, and I find it remarkable how they enjoy the process while trying out carpets live in their environment and leads to successful purchases.

MusaDirector, VSurfaces

The tech world's ability to collaborate with different industries is impressive. In my long-standing involvement in the carpet industry, I always wanted a "try before you buy" solution, and I'm thrilled with solution we and proven to be great deal for my customers worldwide.

FaisalDirector at CACALA

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Our Line of Immersive 3D Live Products

We provide a wide range of AR Live Immersive products for multiple industries, such as eyewear, footwear, jewelry, and home interiors, encompassing items like carpets, tiles, furniture, and wall art. Our aim is to strengthen the interaction between businesses and consumers, effectively addressing the common issue of enabling more informed decision-making.

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Frequently asked questions

How can the integration process be defined?

We only require access to your website’s theme and product pages so that we can insert a meta field on the product page. This meta field will contain the links for each 3D live try-on product.

Which platforms are compatible?

Our technology is compatible with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Wix, as well as custom websites and apps.

Does it pose any risk to the personal data or order details on the website?

Our system is designed in a way that it does not collect personal information from the consumer’s side, nor does it gather order details. This ensures that the data remains secure and remains unaffected by our technology.

Will it impact the performance of my website?

It doesn’t affect the site’s performance because the load of every 3D live virtual try-on user is handled by our servers, which are specifically designed and optimized for this AR technology.